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In Between Klen
In Between Klen
In Between Klen
In Between Klen
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In Between Klen

Most of the general population gets their teeth professionally cleaned every 4 to 6 months to keep them healthy and looking clean.  A small part of that professional cleaning is the removal of stubborn stains and buildup that can form on the teeth within weeks of that in office visit.  You  can floss and brush all you want but sometimes the build up just won't come off until you get in for your next cleaning 6 months later. This is why the "In Between Klen" was created.  You can now remove the plaque and tartar build up and those stubborn stains from "in Between" your teeth and do it "in Between " your cleanings every 6 months. DISCLAIMER: This is not intended to replace your professional cleaning and it is not meant to be used below the gums or on your back teeth.  This is for the cosmetic removal of build up and stains on the front teeth for a healthier and more confident smile.  

How To:
1. Properly brush and floss your teeth making sure to remove all existing plaque or build up on the teeth. 
2. Use the mirror to locate areas of stain or hard tartar build up between the teeth. 
3. Once located, place the scaler underneath these areas and carefully scrape away from the gums to remove the tartar.  It does not take much effort to remove.  If it seems difficult to get off, do not attempt again with more pressure, just wait until your next cleaning. 
4. Never place scaler at or below the gum line as it is sharp and can cut or damage the gingival tissue. 
5. If there is existing dental restorations done on the teeth, be aware that the scaler can chip or break these restorations if you are not careful. 
6. Most importantly, get in to see your dentist every 6 months. This is not intended to replace the professional cleaning, it is meant to be an additional resource. 
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