In the office, a confident smile is Dr. Brian's end goal with every cosmetic patient that leaves the chair. But all dentists know that a confident smile goes much deeper than a set of pearl-white teeth. Fresh breath and a healthy mouth can make a huge difference in the way you feel about your smile. Our founder shares his tested and proven  routine for fresh breath every day.  
The order in which you care for your teeth each day can make a substantial difference in how clean your teeth are - yes, there are degrees of clean- and how fresh your breath is. Bringing to order to oral care is something we are passionate about.  Halitosis aka bad breath comes from bacteria on the teeth and tongue and food particles stuck between the teeth. Just as you wouldn't condition your hair before you wash it, the order in which you clean your teeth is important too. To make sure you rid your mouth of the root causes of bad breath, follow these steps:
Step 1: Cleanse Tongue: Your tongue plays a much bigger role in oral health than people think. When you use a tool like a tongue cleaner, you can gently scrape even the tiniest particles from your tongue that could be causing bad breath. You must get all the microscopic food particles and bacteria off of the tongue before brushing to get that minty finish only a truly good brushing can give. The klen tongue cleanser is specifically designed to remove the most amount of bacteria possible and help you reach the far back areas of the tongue without gagging. 
Step 2: Brush Your Teeth: Bristles matter! Use a brush with extra-soft bristles so that you don't cause unnecessary gum recession. Use circular motions if it is a manual brush and make sure you cover all surfaces. If you are using an electric brush let it do the work and just make sure you cover all surfaces of the teeth. The key with electric toothbrushes is to not put too much pressure on the gums when brushing. Brushing will remove 80% of all food particles and bacteria making it a very effective second step. Even a good brushing still needs a little follow-up because that remaining 20% of particles are stuck in that place where popcorn seems to call home during any long movie date ever: between the teeth. 
Step 3: Floss. Just do it. I know it's annoying but it's an important part of the process and will remove that last 20% of particles and bacteria in the mouth. 
Step 4: The need to feel fresh is real. One of the most important steps is to rinse your mouth. You may want a burn at the gym, but we can all agree that we definitely don't want it in a mouthrinse. The irritation often caused by store-bought rinses means some people skip this step.  The klen rinse was designed to help fight cavities while also soothing the mouth with natural ingredients and essential oils.  Rinsing the mouth will wash away any remaining bacteria on the surface or between the teeth leaving you with a noticeably fresh taste. 
Yes, it takes time and discipline but your level of self-confidence as it relates to your breath and smile will be next level:)

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