Brushing your teeth is a great start to oral hygiene, but adding mouth rinse into the mix will be a game-changer. Mouthwash not only helps freshen breath but has many other benefits you may not be aware of. 

Most people use mouthwash after brushing their teeth or just to freshen up throughout the day which is great, but it also has benefits if used before brushing. Rinsing before you brush and floss will clear out any particles in your mouth which will make brushing and flossing that much more effective. 

Using a mouthwash also helps prevent gingivitis and reduce plaque and tartar. Gingivitis is the inflammation of the gums often caused by poor dental hygiene which can cause bleeding in the gums during brushing/ flossing. The treatment for this is a good cleaning and a mouthwash that will kill off bacteria and lead to a healthy, confident smile. 

Most mouthwashes contain alcohol which can cause an unpleasant stinging or burning in the mouth. It just so happens the Klen Mouth Rinse is free of alcohol, SLS, and sulfates so there will be no unpleasant sensation at all. The Rinse is also naturally flavored with essential oils that will fight off bad breath. Furthermore, it is vegan and cruelty-free as well as fluoride-free and sulfate-free. Adding a mouth rinse to your routine never sounded better.

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